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Catalyst is an innovative financial services firm that utilises the latest technology, extensive automation and a jurisdictional focus to deliver accurate, highly efficient and institutionally scalable products.

Cryptoworth has been great partner for our business. They have streamlined our data ingestion process and the rapid turnaround times have helped us to keep up with our growing customer demands."

Hans Hao - (CPA) Associate Director, The Catalyst Group

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Onboarding multiple clients with diverse blockchain use cases
  • Consolidating CeFi, DeFi and market data at a transaction level for sanity checks
  • Meeting daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting requirements
  • Automating portfolio snapshotting on specific hours of the day

Solution: Cryptoworth

  • Implemented Crypto One Enterprise software to streamline data ingestion and digestion
  • Enabled hyper connectivity to various exchanges to track spot and derivative data
  • Added ability to track 100s of DeFi protocols across multiple layer 1 and layer 2 networks
  • Provided the ability to snapshot portfolio balances, reconcile and generate reports programmatically
  • Enabled multiple FMV source options for added flexibility

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Improved the ability to onboard clients by rapid turn-around times for integration support
  • Improved data reconciliation process by implementing automated reconciliation
  • Increased reporting efficiency by automating portfolio snapshotting and reconciliation processes
  • Improved organizational data management
  • Streamlined data ingestion process for Catalyst Group’s existing systems via Crypto One APIs



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