Crypto Accounting, Auditing & Tax

Crypto Accounting Software

A crypto accounting software that scales with your needs. A crypto accounting solution to solve the most demanding services such as transaction reconciliation, cost-based analysis, tax, tracing, transaction auditing and many more. Connect your wallets, exchanges, custody accounts, DeFi protocols, NFTs and run your calculations.

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Scalablility from individuals to enterprises

Our powerful software platform is capable of serving multiple fintech sectors.


Accounting platform for individuals and businesses


Track and account for all mined digital assets from wallet to wallet

Crypto Firms

Accounting for Token, DeFi, Protocol, Blockchain projects


Leverage different trading portfolios and utilize transaction accounting.


Manage different client portfolios and document performance history.


A platform that scales with your institutional needs.

What is

An institutional-grade crypto accounting software that will streamline your back-office financial ops.

Cryptoworth streamlines all crypto back-office operations such as accounting, tax, audit, payroll and reporting. Furthermore, Cryptoworth helps companies to turbo charge their existing ERP solutions using two-way API integrations. Use programmable accounting and API features to integrate with your stack to improve automation.


Connect to a multitude of Blockchains, Exchanges, Custodians, DeFi Protocols, NFT Marketplaces and Traditional Banks to maintain a single source of truth for your organizations data.


Track millions of transactions and seamlessly calculate cost basis and capital gain/losses as Cryptoworth is connected to millions of data points across the entire crypto eco-system.


Work with members of your organization in real-time. Furthermore, invite members outside your organization for auditing and other collaboration purposes.


Security is our number one priority. Connections are maintained through read-only data streams. The platform provides security features such as two-factor authentication to secure your financial data.

Unparalleled Connectivity

We support all your favourite cryptocurrencies, exchanges, defi protocols (100+), fiats, wallets, cold storages, ERPs and many more. Connect via APIs, CSVs or both. Cryptoworth continously integrate new blockchains, exchanges and ERPs with rapid turnaround times.

Furthermore, we provide you with the necessary tooling to support advance and edge use cases ranging from DeFi debt account, NFT accounting, Impairement testing etc.


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Enterprise Crypto Accounting

Built with scalability in mind, Cryptoworth helps you run month-ends 10X faster through an automated crypto accounting software that adhere to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), International Accounting Standards (IASs) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs). Bring the much needed real-time visibility on your crypto accounting.

Reporting, Auditing and Compliance

Automatically join the dots with automated blockchain and exchange connections. End-to-end automated financial reporting. Whether your requirements are IRS, CRA, HMRC, ATO specific, Cryptoworth will help you to keep up with the constant changing crypto eco-system and deliver the most accurate results.


Amplify the power of your exisitng solutions with Cryptoworth

Crypto Invoicing and Billing

Seamlessly manage your crypto invoices and bills. Cryptoworth allows customer to send and receive crypto invoices and bills. Get paid in crypto in a few clicks while you control the wallets completely. Attach invoices and bills to transactions to streamline you accounting, account receivables and payables under one roof.

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Crypto Portfolio On the Go

Our mobile app allows you to keep a track of your portfolios and clients on the go. Never lose track of what's important no matter where you are. Track your wallets, exchanges, custody accounts, DeFi positions and NFTs on the go.


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