Crypto GameFi Acounting

Whether it's tracking rewards or calculating PnLs,
navigate the the complex crypto accounting challenges with confidence.

What is GameFi?

Game Finance or GameFi brings together the best blockchain technologies such as including NFTs, cryptocurrencies and decentralization, and sophisticated gaming mechanics to create virtual worlds where players can generate income from simply playing and enjoying their gaming experience. GameFi powers blockchain games where players receive financial rewards for the time, skills and effort they put into playing. This model is also known as Play-to-Earn. Economic incentives are distributed via tokens, game upgrades, characters, avatars, virtual lands and much more. Typically, players are rewarded for completing game-related tasks like creating original content, mining resources, progressing through different levels and battling other gamers.

What are the Challenges?

The sheer volume of transactions generated on chains are not uncommon for crypto related businesses and its definitely not a uncommon for blockchain game companies. These transactions can be generate from activities such as sale of virtual goods or commissions from sales/trades from DEXs etc. Maintaining a single source of truth for your company data originating from multiple blockchains can be a challenge. Apart from the data consolidation, exercising financial operations on the said complicated data sets can extend the month end closing times extensively.

How Can We Help?

Hyper Connectivity to the Gaming Ecosystem

Tracking Fungible & Non-Fungible Assets

Cryptoworth helps you to track your balances and transactions automatically via a public wallet address. From sales to rewards, our software will automate and normalize the crypto data into a single source of truth that you can rely on.

Crypto Financial Ops

With our experience working with some of the biggest players in the industry such as Axie Infinity, we provide a GameFi tailored crypto accounting tools for our customers to automate financial operations end-to-end, siginificantly reducing the time your team spend on closing month ends.

GameFi Integrations

Automation is key for streamlining crypto bookkeeping. Cryptoworth connects to the GameFi ecosystem for easy data ingestion. Ronin Chain, Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, OpenSea and many more.

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